VIPER releases new Remix/Remaster version of “All My Life” album
Postado em 15/12/2021

AllmylifeviperThe album “All My Life”, a classic by VIPER originally released in 2007, finally arrives on digital platforms and brings a series of new features. In addition to the remixed and remastered repertoire, there are a number of brand new bonus tracks, including an incredible version of Iron Maiden’s “Prowler”.

“All My Life” is composed of classics such as “Come On Come On”, “Miles Away” and “Love is All”, which has the special participation of vocalist Andre Matos. It also brings one of the most beautiful ballads of VIPER, “Violet”, among others.

The album was recorded by the so-called “V3”, the third formation of VIPER, which featured Ricardo Bocci (vocals), Pit Passarell (bass and vocals), Felipe Machado and Val Santos (guitars) and Renato Graccia (drums). It was produced by André Cortada and Marcos Yukio, co-produced by Theo Vieira. The new version was remixed by Cortada and Val Santos, with remastering by Cortada. The re-release also includes a CD pressing, now available for purchase via Wikimetal.

Among the novelties presented as bonus tracks is a demo from 2005, recorded at Guillas Studio and produced by Val Santos. The band’s formation was different: Pit Passarell (vocals and bass), Felipe Machado (guitar), Yves Passarell (guitar) and Guilherme Martin (drums). In a 2006 demo, which is also part of the bonus tracks, the same formation that recorded the album is present. The new version of All My Life is a Wikimetal / FMLabs release.

Listen to ALL MY LIFE now:

VIPER was the first Brazilian heavy metal band to make a huge success in Japan. In the early 1990s, they reached the top of the charts ahead of big names in the world like Nirvana and Van Halen. With albums such as “Soldiers of Sunrise”, “Theatre of Fate” and “Evolution”, VIPER recorded and toured Europe, the United States and South America. During the tour in Japan, they recorded the live album “Maniacs in Japan – VIPER Live”. The band’s first formation featured vocalist Andre Matos, who later left the group to form Angra e Shaman. The vocalist died in 2019, being honored by VIPER with the song/clip “The Spreading Soul Forever”. VIPER’s new album is currently being mixed, in New York, by producer Maurício Cersósimo. It is the first unreleased album in 15 years and will be released in the first half of 2022.

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