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TimelessThe wait is over: “Timeless”, the new VIPER album, is out. The Brazilian heavy metal legends are back with their first new album in 15 years. “Timeless”, one of the most anticipated releases of recent times, is proof that VIPER is back in full force, with eleven tracks that reflect all the energy of one of the most innovative and important bands in the history of heavy metal.

As the title indicates, the album proposes to explore a timeless sound, with a repertoire that combines elements from all phases of his career. The album includes songs that hark back to the classic VIPER sound, recalling the phases of Theater of Fate and Evolution, but at the same time explore new paths, with renewed energy by the band’s new lineup. “Timeless” is the first work with members Leandro Caçoilo (vocals) and Kiko Shred (guitar), who joined Pit Passarell (bass and vocals) and Felipe Machado (guitar), founders of VIPER, and Guilherme Martin (drums). .

Listen to “Timeless”:
Watch “The Android”:
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First studio material since All My Life (2007), the new album also celebrates the band’s history with some special guests. The former guitarists Hugo Mariutti and Yves Passarell (who passed through VIPER before moving on to Shaman and Capital Inicial, respectively) participated in the recordings, as well as Daniel Matos, bassist and brother of the late Andre Matos, vocalist who began his legendary career with the band.

“Timeless” was produced by Maurício Cersosimo, who has worked with names like Paul McCartney and Avril Lavigne, among dozens of Grammy winners and nominees. He had already worked with VIPER on the album/DVD “To Live Again: VIPER Live in São Paulo”, a record recorded live on the tour in which Andre Matos returned to the band, in 2013, in addition to the single “The Spreading Soul Forever” (2020). Producer and former member Val Santos co-produced the album and the cover is a work by artist Fernanda Victorello.

VIPER recently played at Rock in Rio 2022 and at the first edition of the Summer Breeze Brasil festival. The band is currently touring Brazil, performing recent songs and hits from throughout their career. “Timeless” is available on all platforms, and in slipcase CD at major retailers and online via the Wikimetal Store.

“‘Timeless’ has a repertoire that manages to travel back in time through catchy songs. I am very proud to have sung on this record.” – Leandro Caçoilo

“I consider ‘Timeless’ one of the most important albums of our career. He is proof that we still have the gas and strength to surprise and present something new.” – Felipe Machado

“Timeless is the result of hard work and dedication, so that this record will be eternal like the entire VIPER discography” – Guilherme Martin

“An amazing record! The ‘Timeless’ repertoire has an incredible variety of styles that are sure to please all VIPER fans a lot” – Kiko Shred

“Timeless is the result of everything we’ve lived and learned in the past, but always looking to the future, and respecting our fans and the VIPER name.” – Pit Passarell

1. Under the Sun
2. Freedom of Speech
3. Timeless
4. The Android
5. The War
6. Angel Heart
7. Light In The Dark
8. Echoes In The Mirror
9. VIT Righta
10. Thais
11. Reality

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