VIPER prepares new studio album after 14 years
Postado em 15/06/2021

Viper 2021

VIPER 2021

With Pit Passarell, Felipe Machado, Guilherme Martin, and Leandro Caçoilo, VIPER is preparing for its first new album in 14 years – it will be the first with vocalist Leandro Caçoilo, who joined the band in 2016.

The recordings are being made in several studios, mainly at MOVE and High Five, both in São Paulo. Due to the pandemic, the production will be done remotely, from New York, by Maurício Cersosimo. Recording for VIPER’s seventh studio album was started on February 27th by drummer Guilherme Martin on High Five.

According to guitarist Felipe Machado, VIPER’s next album will synthesize the repertoire of all phases of the band’s discography. “The pandemic got in the way, but after a long period of pre-production, we were finally able to start recording the album. At first I imagined something closer to a mix between “Theater of Fate” and “Evolution”, but now I realize we have elements from all the albums, from Soldiers of Sunrise to Coma Rage”, says Machado, mentioning the band’s first four albums.

VIPER’s latest studio album was “All my Life”, released in 2007.

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