VIPER is back with new single “Under the Sun”
Postado em 28/04/2022

VIPER, one of the most important bands in the history of Brazilian metal, is back with a new single! The group released today, 28, the track “Under the Sun”, which will be part of Timeless, the band’s first new album in 15 years.

Composed by Pit Passarell and Guilherme Martin, the song is a power metal that refers to the style of the Theater of Fate phase, a classic album released by the band in 1989. “Under the Sun” is the first sample of the band’s seventh studio album, and the first since 2007’s “All My Life”.

The project is produced by Maurício Cersosimo (Paul McCartney, Avril Lavigne), who had previously worked with VIPER on the live album To Live Again: Live in São Paulo. The track will also receive a clip directed by Caio Cobra, director of “Intervenção” and “Virando a Mesa” (Netflix).

Despite this being the first album in 15 years, the band was not inactive during that time. In 2015, they released the live album and DVD To Live Again: Live In São Paulo. The disc recorded the tour in which Andre Matos, who began his legendary career as the vocalist of VIPER, returned to the band. After his tragic death in 2019, the band also released the posthumous track “The Spreading Soul Forever” in his honor.

The album is also the first with the current lineup of the band, which features Leandro Caçoilo (vocals), Felipe Machado and Kiko Shred (guitars), Pit Passarell (bass and vocals) and Guilherme Martin (drums). The band is currently touring Brazil – in addition to the new material, the shows also feature the band’s repertoire of classic songs that include “Living for the Night”, “Rebel Maniac” and “To Live Again”, among others.

“My inspiration was VIPER himself in the most melodic phase of the band, something between ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ and ‘Theatre of Fate’. I think this song has everything to become a classic because it has a very strong chorus. The first few times we play it live, the audience starts singing it with us almost immediately. The lyrics have that road movie feel, there are several stories that complete a bigger story”, says bassist Pit Passarell.

Drummer Guilherme Martin added: “What is most impressive about ‘Under the Sun’ is the spontaneity with which it was composed. It was a group work, where every band contributed to the result. The music refers to VIPER’s greatest hits, with elements of classical music and the energy of the band’s first albums, which were milestones in heavy metal worldwide. The lyrics are inspired by On the Road, a classic by Jack Kerouac. I believe that ‘Under the Sun’ lives up to the expectations of our fans, who have waited years for a first-of-its-kind VIPER release.”

“Pride is the word that describes this moment with VIPER, as we worked very hard on this record. ‘Under the Sun’ reflects this lineup of the band, which literally comes with blood in its eyes. Producer Mauricio Cersosimo did a beautiful job”, says vocalist Leandro Caçoilo.

Guitarist Kiko Shred commented: “A strong song, a composition worthy of heavy metal classics. The arrangements are impressive and the production is perfect.”

“VIPER fans have been asking us for a new record for a long time. We feel the time has come to repay the love and respect these people have had for the band for so many years. ‘Under the Sun’ is not just the first step in that direction, but a tribute to our entire audience in Brazil and worldwide, and a sample of who VIPER is for the new generation”, concludes guitarist Felipe Machado.

Listen to “Under the Sun”:

Formed in 1985, VIPER is one of the pioneers of heavy rock in Brazil. It was the first Brazilian heavy metal band to be a big hit in Japan. In the early 1990s, they topped the charts ahead of big world names like Nirvana and Van Halen.

With albums such as Soldiers of Sunrise, Theater of Fate and Evolution, VIPER has recorded and toured Europe, the US and South America. During the tour in Japan, he recorded the live album Maniacs in Japan – VIPER Live. He also released Coma Rage, recorded in Los Angeles, and All My Life. They were featured in major world festivals, such as Rock in Rio and Monsters of Rock, in addition to having shared the stage in opening shows for bands such as Metallica, Kiss, Black Sabbath and Motorhead, among others.

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