VIPER releases new remastered version of “Coma Rage”
Postado em 15/06/2021

Viper Coma Rage

Viper Coma Rage

VIPER has released a remastered version of Coma Rage by Rhino with never-before-released bonus tracks and even a rare unreleased recording in Portuguese.

Coma Rage is released in Brazil and abroad on CD and digital platforms. The launch is part of the  Heavy Metal Legends  package, which includes bands like  Black Sabbath and Metallica. VIPER is the first Brazilian band to be included in this list of historical names in the style.

The ‘Coma Rage’ studio sessions took place in 1994, shortly before the band was one of the highlights of the Monsters of Rock festival, when they filled the Pacaembú stadium in São Paulo, alongside names such as Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Slayer.

“The time we spent in Los Angeles contributed to the sound of Coma Rage. We were already influenced by heavy metal, but we also started to have contact and make friends with other punk, grunge and even hardcore bands”, says guitarist Felipe Machado.

“The 1990s were a melting pot and ‘Coma Rage’ is the result of that.” The album features a special guest appearance by Ernie-C, guitarist for Body Count, a band led by rapper Ice-T.

The re-release of Coma Rage has a remastering by Mauricio Gargel, with all the demo done during the pre-production of the album. The album also features “País do Futuro”, composed by Felipe Machado and Pit Passarell and the band’s first lyrics in Portuguese.


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